Justine Littleton and I are proud to pre

*** NEWS ***

I need to let everyone know, due to a highly packed schedule, with my own work, the easiest project I can pull back on was the Horsemen series BUT I’ll still be a part of the Horsemen family by helping with the content and final edits to be sure the rest of the series will have the same consistency that Justine and I created together.

Do not fear, Justine is still working on the Horsemen series

What to expect from me:

Hawks MC (next generation)



Romantic comedies

and much more!

Here’s the problem with myths and legends; they're fiction. At one time, they may have been stories of real people, but over time, the story was passed from person to person, so what was once fact, becomes the written fables of those long ago.

This is the true story of Death and the five horsemen.

Quitting her teaching career and working full time on her fledgling editing business, Julie Michaels isn't prepared for the shedload of changes heading her way. To be precise, it’s just one screeching stop on the crazy train away.

Dean "Death" Apocalos never imagined change would come so swiftly in the form of love, chaos, and Decay. Dean and his three brothers are about to see their worst fear come to light; their forgotten brother and the fifth horseman, Decay.

Previously entombed, someone has let the loon loose on LA. It’s now up to the horsemen to put him back in his box… before he upsets the balance once more.