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Within the Darkness
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Before I was born, the world changed.

When monsters stepped into the light to rule, most humans were forced into servitude.

My family was one of many.

But I hold a secret inside me.

One I don’t dare share.

Until I meet my new vampire master—who wears cold and angry like a second skin—and his shifter friends. While he can’t compel me, I long to share every part of me with them.

Only fear holds me back.

I need courage to move from within the darkness to the light. But maybe with the support of the three men, I can embrace my true self. And if I bring change to humanity along the way, that will be an even bigger win.



Digging oneself out of their own grave tends to change a woman. Go figure. But when it changes me in ways I can't even fathom, my world officially shifts.

Oh, and there's one juicy secret I've yet to reveal: I now possess an insatiable craving for flesh.

But hey, there's a bright side. Honest. After my first feast, and with the help of my newfound hellhound friend, I’m more myself, albeit with enhanced abilities.

Yet, it's not until the lives of my loved ones hang in the balance that I unravel the truth. In saving them, I discover my destiny is to become the new ghoul queen. As if that isn't enough, the Fates thought it smart to burden me with bonded mates, alongside everything else. And yes, that's mates, plural.

There’s a bossy one, an annoying one, one who wants to protect me at all cost—because apparently, I'm incapable of caring for myself—but at least there’s a sweet one.

I guess it’s time to step up and embrace my newfound purpose, because I never run from a challenge.

This is a polyamorous paranormal romance box set that includes single novels: A Torn Paige, A Lost Paige, and A Final Paige. Plus new artwork and the bonus scene that was shortly on my website. 

Trigger Warnings: There's adult themes, course language, humor, violence, gore, and mm scenes, for 18+ only.

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