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January 24th 2023: 
Within the darkness_2 (1).jpg
Before I was born, the world changed.

When monsters stepped into the light to rule, most humans were forced into servitude.

My family was one of many.

But I hold a secret inside me.

One I don’t dare share.

Until I meet my new vampire master—who wears cold and angry like a second skin—and his shifter friends. While he can’t compel me, I long to share every part of me with them.

Only fear holds me back.

I need courage to move from within the darkness to the light. But maybe with the support of the three men, I can embrace my true self. And if I bring change to humanity along the way, that will be an even bigger win.

NOTE: This is a slow burn 105k standalone why choose fantasy novel. Meaning the main character doesn't have to pick between her love interests.
April 18th 2023: 
More details to come!
What else to expect?

More Hawks MC: next generation: Swan, Drake, Ruby, Aelia, Isabel, Nickolas, Austin, Romania, Ashley... just to name some.

- MM fan stay series.

- A novella for Paige and her men.

- Diamond MC: Tech, Quake, Torch and probably more

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