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I had her and loved the taste of her.
But she’s too young, too sweet and good.
I’ll keep her safe, and I want her happy.
Even if my own heart tells me I’m a fool for not making her mine.

Our few nights were electric. She left her mark and burned her goodness into my heart.
There’s no room left for anyone else, only her.
I can’t chase her. I have to let her go.
Sure, she’s a club girl and I could have her under me whenever I want, but I can’t do that to her. I refuse to pull her any deeper into the Diamond MC.

When that decision is taken out of my hands and she’s dragged into the darkness, all I see is rage and bloodshed.
I’ll make them pay. Every single one of them who thought they could steal her away, take her from me.

She’s everything.
And once I have her back, I’ll make sure I never let go.
She’s light and goodness.
Maybe she’s too good for me, but maybe she’s just what I need to balance my world.
I’ll give her everything and make her mine.
And just maybe she’ll make me hers too.

Warning: this book contains violence, offensive language, and very mature topics. Recommended for age 18 years and up.

Note: Book #1 in the Diamond MC series, though these characters have been seen in the mm Polished P &P series, you don't have to read them first to read Country.


Some people say you can fall for someone at first sight. 

I think they’re f*cked in the head… until I see her across the room. 


Courtney Anthony has walked into the wrong clubhouse.

As soon as I spot her, I know what I want.

And what I want most is her.


It’s time to see how State meets his old lady. 


New neighbors are the bane of my existence, but nothing prepares me for the new woman next door.

A long time ago, I swore off blondes.
Until her.
Until Raya crawls under my skin and stays.
Sure, she always seems pissed at me, but I’ll soon make her realize I’m not always a dick.

But then there’s a new threat that has me seeing red and needing to hunt for blood.

The name Death isn’t just for show. And anyone who steps in my way or threatens those under my protection are going to get up close and personal with the man behind the namesake.

Running is pointless… when Death knocks on your door. 


Her screams were what drew me in.

Since the night I heard them, I followed her.

She was my obsession.

My addiction.

But I could never have her.

She had to be free.

Had to feel peace.

I was nothing but a mess of darkness.

Even on my good days with my brothers from the Diamond MC, I was nothing but tainted.

Still, I would end anyone who hurt her.

Especially those who touched her.

Their blood would stain my hands—one way or another.

Because I would torch the world for her.

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